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Donegal Cotton Puff

Donegal Cotton Puff
Donegal Cotton Puff
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Donegal Cotton Puff

This triangular sponge is the perfect companion for applying powder and liquid products in your daily makeup. Its special shape allows it to be perfectly applied to all areas of the face, even in hard-to-reach places.

After taking the desired amount of product with the sponge, you can gently apply it to the skin. The pointed side of the sponge can be used for more difficult areas such as the inner corner of the eye, the sides of the nose and the contour of the lips, while the rounded side is ideal for larger areas of the face.

The sponge is reusable and can be cleaned with soap and water after each use. This characteristic construction gives it a longer lifespan.

This Donegal triangular powder sponge will become your best friend for flawless makeup and will provide an immediate natural effect as well as an improved look to the skin.